Training and Seminars

Kolbe offers a variety of opportunities to help people deepen their knowledge and understanding of conation and use it to improve their lives in the ways they care about most.

There are options to suit individuals, professionals, families, and teams in various locations around the world. For more information on which Training or Seminar is best for you, contact a Kolbe sales representative today at 602-840-9770.

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Kolbe 3D Leadership

The Power to Fuel Performance

3D Leadership One-Day Training is designed to develop your core managers into leaders who propel your business to a successful future!

Conation Nation Symposium

Conation Nation Symposium is designed for all fans of conation ...whether you're new to the Kolbe System™ or you've been a Certified Consultant for years, you will find valuable applications for your business and your life. This event is dedicated to cultivating conation, deepening knowledge and inspiring action while building a collaborative community.

Kolbe Certification™

Kolbe Certification is an immersive three-day training program that provides organizational leaders, management consultants and professional coaches an in-depth understanding of the Kolbe System™ and foundational theory. This highly interactive learning experience covers the tools and knowledge needed to become an in-house or independent Kolbe specialist.

Webinars and Teleconferences

Customized virtual sessions for your small group or team are available, from a short speech to a 90-minute interactive webinar. We provide a great opportunity to receive an overview of the Kolbe Concept®.