Kolbe Indexes / Instinct Assessments

Kolbe Indexes are fun and easy to complete online in less than 20 minutes. They are different from other self assessments because they don't measure how smart you are (thinking) or what your personality is like (feeling). Rather, Kolbe Indexes measure how you naturally DO things.

Backed by more than 30 years of research and practical applications, they provide an amazingly accurate map of an individual's natural instincts, or modus operandi (M.O.). Index results are delivered dynamically online and are also available in a print version.

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Kolbe A™ Index

The Kolbe A Index measures a person's instinctive method of operation (M.O.), and identifies the ways they will be most productive. It is the foundational instrument used in Kolbe reports.

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Kolbe Y™ Index for Youth

The Kolbe Y Index helps youth (4th grade reading level to age 17) identify the set of striving instincts that drive their distinctive way of taking action. It's quick and the results are instantly available online. 
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Kolbe B™ Index

The Kolbe B Index measures an individual's perception of their own job responsibilities. Comparing a Kolbe B Index Result with an A Index Result yields insights into how to leverage instinctive talents at work.
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Parent Guide

Use of the Parent Guide Report helps parents better understand their child's talents and gain powerful suggestions for customizing parenting and communication techniques to fit their child's unique method of operation (M.O.).
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Career MO+™

A supplemental report to the Kolbe A Index result, the Career MO+ identifies jobs and careers that fit your MO. It also offers guidance on how to make the most of your natural talents in a current job.
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Financial MO+™

The FMO+™ identifies ways you can use your instincts to make smarter decisions about money and finances. This report is based on your Kolbe A Index result and offers personalized paths to financial success.
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Kolbe R™ Index

The Kolbe R Index measures your expectations of another person in a relationship. Comparing one person's Kolbe R Index result with a partner's Kolbe A Index result provides insight into ways to improve the relationship.
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